2017 Hodgman Gear Now Available

Newest Hodgman items currently available online and at select retailers

The 2017 Hodgman gear is now being shipped to retailers across the nation and is also available online for ordering. This comes just in time for the holiday season. The following items from Hodgman will be the hottest gifts this season.

Anglers can’t beat the performance for the price packed in the men’s Hodgman H4 Stocking Foot Wader. One day on the water and anyone will agree this wader is the perfect fit for recreational anglers who spend many days on the water each year.

It’s a common thread heard from female anglers that men’s waders don’t fit and there just isn’t a good wader developed with a woman’s fit in mind. The women’s H4 Stocking Foot Wader from Hodgman is designed for women by women. The Hodgman design team worked with female anglers of all sizes to collect feedback and sculpt a unique fit ideally suited for to the requirements of avid anglers.

Continuing with the expansion of the female line of performance gear, Hodgman introduced the Women’s Aesis Shell Jacket. It’s another example of the Hodgman design team’s goal to bring gear to women that is better suited for their days on the water.

The Hodgman Lumbar Wade Belt features a sculpted design that is uniquely patterned to increase airflow through the belt while enhancing support for the lower back. Hodgman also offers the FlexFit Webbing and Neoprene Wade Belts.

The Hodgman Airprene and Neoprene Gravel Guard Socks are designed to be worn with your regular wading boots while wet wading in the warm months of the year and ensure that your feet stay warm in cold water river systems.

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