Berkley 6in XCD Bent Nose Pliers


Bent nose corrosion resistant carbon steel jaws with an ergonomic co-molded handle design and adjustable lanyard create ideal pliers for managing your catch, tackle and gear.

$16.99 Each

SKU: 1402758 Model Number: BFGBNP6


  • Carbon Steel Jaws
  • Corrosion Resistant Composite Coating
  • Ergonomic Co-Molded Handle
  • Spring Assisted One-Hand Operation
  • Cutting, Tuning and Crimping Features
  • Adjustable Lanyard Included

Average Customer Ratings

Berkley 6in XCD Bent Nose Pliers Specs

Model Number Color Equipment Size Net Weight Package Count Transportation Group Water Type Weight Unit Sku
BFGBNP6 Red/Gray/Black 6 in 0.217 1 0001 All Water Types KG 1402758
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