Plano Cubby Cube


Get your organization goals on track with the Cubby Cube™, a sleek storage box specially designed to stack inside cubed shelving units. The Cuby Cube™ is the perfect solution for neatly organizing a kitchen, office, living room and more.

The durable latch secures the lid while providing an area to label the Cube contents for quick identification

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  • Sized to fit most popular cube shelving systems (12" x 12" and 13" x 13")
  • Ideal storage solution won’t bend paper or photos
  • One-handed access via easy-open latch
  • Labeling system for instant identification
  • Great for organizing any area of the home or office
  • Dimensions: 14"L x 12"W x 3"H

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Compare Plano Cubby Cube models

Model Number Color Package Count Net Weight Transportation Group Water Type Weight Unit Sku
PLA1313 Clear/White 1 1.260 0001 Not Applicable KG PLA1313
PLA131400 Clear/White 4 0001 Not Applicable KG PLA131400
PLA131401 Clear/Black 4 0001 Not Applicable KG PLA131401
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