The Passing Of Hardy Bros Master Rod Builder Tom Moran

We regret to announce that Tom Moran Master Rod Builder has passed away.

A vastly experienced and talented rod builder Tom became obsessed with bamboo fly rod building in the 1970's and was revered for producing very efficient compound tapers in cane. His trademarks include only using the best Tonkin cane and making all his components from scratch - including the famous hand-made Moran snake guides. Tom worked in the USA where he found a real demand for his high quality rods and following returning to the UK continued his passion of working with cane bringing his considerable skill and expertise to Hardy.

Tom Moran worked for Hardy for four years and was regarded as one of the finest makers of bamboo rods. Our condolences go out to Tom's family and friends - he will be greatly missed by all.

"Everyone will remember my dad slightly differently. I remember a guy with a beer in one hand a cup of tea on the go and a roll-up permanently attached to his mouth effusing about Mozart Keith Richards or psychedelics... astronomy Buddhism Van Gogh or Fitzcarraldo... so many great conversations so much love and laughter... driving down the road with opera music playing full blast! Emptying his pockets and swigging cider with a homeless bloke. He was awestruck by beauty and not afraid to cry."

Read the full eulogy from Tom's son Toby Moran.

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