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Fenwick HMX® Spinning


The tradition continues with the all-new HMX series from Fenwick. Constructed from a proprietary blend of carbon fiber, the refined HMX actions offer incredible power, balance, and sensitivity.

Each rod in the series has been perfectly crafted to meet all anglers' needs from ultralight to extra-heavy salmon/steelhead models, and everything in between

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Rod Power

Line Rating

Number of Pieces

Rod Handle Type

Rod Action

Rod Length

Rod Power

Rod Power describes rod strength, which correlates directly with recommended line and lure ratings. Rod Power varies by style of rod. For example, a Medium Heavy inshore rod is different than a Medium Heavy surf rod.  

Extra Heavy
Medium Heavy
Medium Light

Line Rating

The line test strength in which the rod is rated for.

Rod Action

Action refers to the amount of bend a rod has when pressure is applied to the tip.

Extra Fast –The rod only bends at the tip.

Fast – The rod will bend in the top third or less of the rod blank.

Moderate Fast – A blend between Fast and Moderate actions, the rod will bend between the top third and half of the rod.

Moderate – The rod will bend in the top half of the rod blank.

Slow – The rod will begin to bend in the lower third of the rod blank.

Rod Length

Rod Length is the distance from the rod butt to the rod tip.  



From $99.95 $69.97


  • Smooth intermediate modulus carbon fiber blank
  • v SS316 Stainless sloped guides with Zirconium inserts
  • Premium Cork and TAC grips in split and full handle model
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

Average Customer Ratings

Compare Fenwick HMX® Spinning models

Model Number Rod Power Guide Type Line Rating Number of Guides With Tip Number of Pieces Rod Handle Material Rod Handle Type Rod Action Rod Blank Material Rod Hook Keeper Rod Length Sku
HMX56UL-MFS-2 Ultra Light Stainless Steel 1 - 6 lb 6 2 TAC/Cork D Moderate Fast Graphite X 5'6" 1383221
HMX60L-MFS-2 Light Stainless Steel 2 - 8 lb 7 2 TAC/Cork E Moderate Fast Graphite X 6' 1383222
HMX66L-MS-2 Light Stainless Steel 4 - 8 lb 8 2 TAC/Cork F Moderate Graphite X 6'6" 1383225
HMX66ML-FS Medium Light Stainless Steel 4 - 10 lb 8 1 TAC/Cork F Fast Graphite X 6'6" 1383226
HMX66M-FS-2 Medium Stainless Steel 8 - 14 lb 8 2 TAC/Cork F Fast Graphite X 6'6" 1383229
HMX66MH-FS-2 Medium Heavy Stainless Steel 10 - 17 lb 8 2 TAC/Cork F Fast Graphite X 6'6" 1383231
HMX70M-FS-2 Medium Stainless Steel 8 - 14 lb 8 2 TAC/Cork G Fast Graphite X 7' 1383235
HMX76L-MFS-2 Light Stainless Steel 1 - 6 lb 9 2 TAC/Cork G Moderate Fast Graphite X 7'6" 1383236
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