Tough Choice: Both Stealth® and Ultracast® Great Values

They say you get what you pay for and when anglers plop down their cash for either SpiderWire's Stealth or Ultracast braided lines they can be sure they are getting the toughest of superlines.

Superlines are the category of braided fishing lines made from gel spun polyethylene that are very strong, very thin and very sensitive. Stealth and Ultracast are the best superlines on the market, yet the SpiderWire products are different.

In what ways?

"First of all, you need to think of it in terms of the auto industry," says SpiderWire's Ron Kliegl. "Toyota, for example, also makes the luxury line Lexus. Ultracast is our premium line and Stealth is our mainstay line that offers a wide range of choices. Both are made of DSM's proprietary Dyneema® fiber that is 15 times stronger than steel."

How SpiderWire superline braids are made creates the distinctions between Stealth and Ultracast. There are two main differences, and they are reflected in strength and feel, notes Kliegl.

"One difference is the grade of Dyneema fiber we use from our primary supplier, DSM in Holland," says Kliegl. "We use SK 65 Dyneema for Stealth and SK 75 Dyneema for Ultracast. The difference is the strength, a higher grade Dyneema creates a great increase in strength for the same diameter. UltraCast is 30 to 50 percent stronger than Stealth."

The second difference comes in how Stealth and Ultracast are braided. The process involves what is known as a carrier. A carrier holds the strands that are weaved together to form the braid. Generally, the more carriers used to create the braid, the higher quality the line.

"Ultracast is all 8 carrier, it is smoother with a tighter weave," explains Kliegl. "So Ultracast is definitely smoother through the guides, ties a better knot and lays on the reel better. Stealth from 6- through 20-pound is 4 carrier, and from 30 on up to 250 is eight carrier."

SpiderWire has also developed new products in the Ultracast lineup using 75k Dyneema, specifically Ultracast Fluoro-Braid, which is created using a 50-50 blend of Dyneema polyethylene fibers and Gore® fluoropolymer fibers.

"All polyethylene braids float, but the fluoropolymer makes Fluoro-Braid sink, so lures dive deeper or sink faster," says Kliegl. "The other neat thing about it is less bow in the line where Fluoro-Braid enters the waters, which means less line between angler and lure, so you feel the bite faster and it is easier to wind in the slack."

Kliegl says he likes Ultracast Invisi-Braid, a non-colored line that in the 10- to 20-pound class is a favorite of Atlantic and Gulf Coast seatrout and redfish anglers.

"The inshore anglers like Invisi-Braid because it has more of a "body" to it and is less likely to get a wind knot or tip wrap," he adds.

Kliegl is quick to point out that while Ultracast is the premium SpiderWire braid, Stealth is a very good line.

"Stealth is comparable in strength and performance in its class and at its price range is as good or stronger than competitors' braids," notes Kliegl. "Stealth is our go-to superline and offers the greatest variety of sizes and colors in a great price range with the widest distribution."

Stealth comes in more pound test breaking strengths (6 to 250 pound), put ups (125-yard spools, 200-yard spools, 300-yard spools, 500-yard spools and 1500 and 3000 yard bulk spools) and colors than Ultracast (and most other braids) and also benefits from an advanced color-lock technology. The fluoropolymer coating is quiet - and retains color longer.

"Stealth offers some unique colors," add Kliegl. "We have Moss Green, our number one seller, and we also have Stealth in Blue Camo, Green Camo, Hi-Vis Yellow and Glow-Vis. Glow-Vis uses a mix of optical brighteners and a UV-reflective coating that is visible above water but does not reflect light underwater, turning to a low visibility green. The fisherman can see it and the fish can't."

Kliegl says Stealth is a favorite of bass fishermen, who choose 20- and 30-pound for open water situations and 50- to 65-pound for working heavy cover.

What it all boils down to is SpiderWire has the superline you want, when you want it. That means you really can get what you pay for!

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