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  • Bail Halo

    The innovative Bail Halo design greatly increases the strength the rotor. The additional strength stops the bail arms from rubbing the spool under heavy loads and acts as a guard preventing line from getting under the spool.

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  • Carbon Hybrid Drag

    The carbon hybrid drag provides consistent and smooth drag pressure under both light and heavy loads. Carbon does not compress or dry out and requires low start up inertia making this a very reliable and smooth drag.

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  • Advanced Polymeric Material

    Advanced Polymeric Material has similar properties to metal like rigidity and strength but without the weight and does not corrode. For these reason we use this material to increase the durability or our reels while keeping their weight down.

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  • Instant Anti-Reverse

    An instant anti-reverse prevents the rotor from moving backwards instantaneously insuring solid hooksets. Instant anti-reverses use a roller bearing for immediate engagement unlike a multi stop which relies on a series of teeth. The gaps between the teeth of a multi stop result in back play thus delaying hooksets.

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  • NeverFailâ„¢ Bail Spring System

    Our proprietary NeverFailâ„¢ Bail Spring System insures your bail will crisply open and close for years to come. This system is time tested and proven to provide years of worry use.

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  • Multi-disc drag system

    Our multi-disc drag system uses a series of oil felt and steel drag washers to provide a consistent and reliable drag.

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  • 24 Ton Graphite

    Tonnage is numeric value for rating graphite. The higher the graphite tonnage the stiffer the graphite is and the more vibrations are transmitted through the rod. As tonnage increases less material is required to achieve the same action reducing the weight of the rod and increasing sensitivity. The stiffer a material is the more brittle it becomes and because of this high tonnage graphite rods require the use of specialized resins and construction techniques to maintain durability.

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