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Plano Rustrictor StowAway® 3700

Equipment Size

3700, 3700 Deep, 3700 Thin


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Fact: fish don't bite rusty rigs. Keep your tackle in bite-worthy shape with a Plano Rustrictor™ StowAway® utility box. These innovative tackle boxes were designed in partnership with Armor Protective Packaging®, an industry leader in corrosion management since 1979. A Vapor Corrosion Inihibitor (VCI) infused into the walls and dividers surrounds tackle from all angles for 360 degrees of protection that blocks rust and corrosion. Available in a variety of sizes and compartment options, keep your tackle clean and organized with Plano Rustrictor™ StowAway® utility boxes.


  • Rustrictor™ technology delivers 360-degrees of protection by infusing walls and dividers with a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) to prevent rust.
  • Rust protection helps keep expensive lures/tackle clean and pristine.
  • Works with or without adjustable dividers, so you can custom create compartment sizes for a variety of items, making it easy to get and stay organized.
  • Transparent design for easy viewing and identification of contents.
  • Won't leave a residue, odor or film on tackle.
  • Dimensions: 14"L x 9"W x 1.94"H

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