Can't Wait for Pivot Frog Action

The middle of the spring highlights the diversity of fishing in North America, even if everyone on the continent is chasing freshwater bass. Pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn conditions can be found on any given body of water depending on its geographical location, with weather varying from blizzards and thunderstorms to tar-melting heat. Yet bass anglers in search of the best topwater fishing fun can't wait until conditions are just right for throwing the Sebile Pivot Frog!

As those warm, sunny days of spring come and go and the weeds and water plants grow thick and mat up, all thoughts turn to fishing the frog. You just know the bass are taking advantage of the shade and the oxygen provided by the vegetation. That's when Sebile's Pivot Frog comes into play.

At the heart of the Pivot Frog is the Gravity Hook System. Not only does the system make for an extremely weedless bait an angler can chunk right in the thick of the cover, the single hook design increases the ratio of hookups to blowups!

Here's how the Gravity Hook System works. The single, wide-gap hook is shank-weighted and pivots freely in the hollow body of the frog when pulled through cover, reducing snags. When a bass sucks down the Pivot Frog, the soft body collapses and the hook point turns towards the meat of the matter inside of the fish's mouth.

Unlike commonly used double hook rigs, the single point of the Pivot Frog's hook drives home with the full power of the force of the strike, resulting in a higher success rate of hooking fish.

The other advantage of the Pivot Frog is the action it produces when not in the cover. Patrick Sebile believes action is everything and he designed the Pivot Frog to attract plenty of bites in open water, too.

If the water between pads or mats is choppy or sloppy, simply wind and pause, throwing in a twitch or two. In calm water and in the tight gaps close to the cover, the weighted hook acts as a keel that produces a pronounce side to side action with just the slightest effort on the part of the angler to work the bait with the walk-the-dog technique.

More action, more blowups and more fish hooked, that's what the Pivot Frog delivers out on the water. Pick up your preferred colors and sizes of Patrick Sebile's Pivot Frog and hang on!

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