Hide-a-Hook Bobber - Hook fish, not parents

The Shakespeare® Hide-a-Hook Bobber™, the 2012 ICAST award winner for Best Kids Tackle, has been extremely popular with kids of all ages. However, any adult who has fished with kids know the true value of this product. The Hide-A-Hook bobber puts adults’ minds at ease because there is no fear of getting stuck by a flailing, exposed hook on the end of a child’s fishing rod.

Shakespeare has expanded the Hide-A-Hook lineup and is now offering the bobbers in a 3-pack and a complete fishing kit with two Hide-a-Hook bobbers ready to go.

The Hide-a-Hook Bobber kit comes with a 5’0” rod and pre-spooled size 6 spincast reel and two pre-rigged Hide-a-Hook Bobbers. This is the perfect size for heading out to a small pond for panfish or crappie. A hard tackle box, rigging guide, extra jig heads and bobber stoppers are also included in the kit that has an MSRP of $19.99.

If young anglers are already set with a rod and reel, the Hide-a-Hook Bobber 3-pack is the way to go for safe, easy fishing. The bobbers are pre-rigged and have an MSRP of $4.99.

No adult should have to go through the pain of pulling out hooks from an errant cast. The Hide-A-Hook bobber is easy to use and each offering promises to get kids to the water safely while enjoying what matters the most – family, friends and the outdoors.

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  • Shakespeare Hide-a-Hook Bobber Kit - $19.99
  • Shakespeare Hide-a-Hook Bobber 3-Pack - $4.99
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