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Bobby Lane: Timing is Everything

"I'll admit that sometimes I get a little impatient when I don't start catching fish first thing in the morning. It doesn't matter if I'm fishing in a tournament or just enjoying a day on the water, I want to get the first bite as soon as possible to get things started. Over the years, I've learned that bass fishing is all about timing. We may have a schedule, but there's no guarantee that the bass are going to follow it.

"I really had to work on my timing during the last Elite Series tournament on the Mississippi River. I caught most of my fish flipping to the middle of shallow bushes with a Texas-rigged HAVOC Pit Boss and 65 lb. test Spidewire Ultracast, but I couldn't seem to get a bite during the morning. The fish didn't move up shallow until the water warmed up in the afternoon. If I hadn't been patient and worked on my timing, I would have missed the bite entirely."

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