Stealth Green Camo-Braid Stalks Lunkers

Look, there's a big reason green is one of the most popular colors for all varieties of fishing line and has long been the go to choice of the legions of SpiderWire fans — green simply blends in with the background in clear water in some situations or matches the natural color of the water in others.

Taking the concept of blending in to the next level is Stealth Green Camo-Braid. Based on the proven effectiveness of the color green, Green Camo-Braid mixes in shades of green, brown and black to both break up the pattern of the line and to better match the environment where fish of all kinds are known to hold.

Think about some of your most productive water. Is the underwater ecosystem all one color? Whether pitching to laydown logs in the mouth of a stream or dragging a spinnerbait through a gap in the cane, the tones can range from black mud or blonde sand to brown bark and dark green mats. Grassbeds vary in hue and even the clearest water takes on multiple shades when up against a cliff face.

Stealth Green Camo-Braid disappears into all those backgrounds, then steps up big with all the power you need to move a fish out of the cover and into the boat thanks to the stronger than ever construction of SpiderWire Stealth braided lines.

Stealth Green Camo-Braid is braided and treated to create a line with a round, super-smooth feel that is both easy to cast, super strong and, yes, stealthy. For instance, 30-pound Green Camo-Braid has the diameter of 10-pound test mono. So not only do you get the advantage of a unique Camo pattern, you have the power to pull fish out of the cover.

Now SpiderWire realizes that there are places where the cover, while dominating the background, is not what the angler has to contend with to catch a fish. Water as clear as a windowpane and wary fish require an even stealthier approach and that's why Camo-Braid comes in sizes as small as 6-, 8-, 10- and 15-pound.

Combine Camo-Braid with SpiderWire UltraCast 100-Percent Fluorocarbon and you will be using the rig the pros choose when it's time to play the game of finesse fishing.

You can go lighter or heavier, but a good all around place to start is to use a mainline of 10-pound Green Camo, which has the diameter of 4-pound mono (.006 inches), and use a Uni-to-Uni Knot to connect a leader 8-pound UltraCast Fluorocarbon (.009 inches in diameter).

Since the two lines are so close in diameter, a small diameter at that, the result is a compact, strong knot that will pass through the guides when cast. The "pro trick" is to make the leader length so the knot is just above the reel spool and below the lowest guide. Of course you will want the leader to extend far enough past the tip guide to leave plenty of room to tie on a lure, with several feet left between lure and the rod tip for a comfortable cast.

And surely there are fishermen out there who always seek out the heavy cover and want a braided line that is both as strong as possible and yet hard for fish to see. That's where the 30-, 50-, 65- and 80-pound Green Camo-Braid comes into play. Just tie straight to the lure with a double Uni Knot and hold on tight when you set the hook!

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