Tackle Fish With Tools You Can Trust


Rods and reels might bring fish to the boat, but it’s the tools in your tacklebox that will get the job done.

Ugly Stik’s new line of Ugly Tools are crafted for the hard-fishin’ angler. Fashioned from high-grade steel and reinforced with non-slip Ugly Tuff™ grips, Ugly Tools are built to last. Tackle fish with tools you can trust.

Fish Ugly


Fillet that meaty fish with a mighty blade. The 9” Flex Knife’s full tang high carbon stainless steel construction means this knife won’t break under pressure. Designed for processing larger fish, this knife’s thin, flexible blade provides precision cuts so you can get the most meat on your fillets, and with non-slip Ugly Tuff™ grips, you’ll have no problem keeping your hand steady. There’s even a sharpener built into the sheath for touching up your blade on the fly.

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Fillet catfish by day and gut bluegill by night. No matter the species, the 7'' Tapered Knife is adept at handling a wide range of fish. Its full tang steel build makes easy work of filleting larger species while its semi-flex, thin blade allows anglers to finesse cuts around even the smallest species’ bony bits. Paired with non-slip Ugly Tuff™ grips, this knife is reliable no matter how slimy the fish. For increased efficiency while prepping fish, the sheath comes equipped with a built-in sharpener and line cut access.

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When the skin is too tough, the scales too thick, the slime and the mess too much, the 7” Serrated Knife is your go-to blade. The full tang semi-thick, semi-stiff serrated blade bites into the burliest fish armor. Featuring a straight spine with a trailing tip, this serrated knife cuts even bone with ease. An air-through sheath protects the blade and gives anglers easy line cut access, while Ugly Tuff™ grips provide a solid hold.

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With this versatile 7” blade, you can cut chum chunks in the boat or fillet fish in the kitchen. The full tang steel blade is thick, stiff, and partially serrated, but one cutting edge is just the beginning. The Tanto Tip provides a second cutting edge that allows you to cut in tight places. Like its sister 7” tapered and serrated models, the General Utility Knife features an air-through sheath, built-in line cut access, and non-slip Ugly Tuff™ grips.

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No tackle box is complete without a compact, heavy-duty all-around knife. The 5” Gut Hook Bait Knife is just that blade. Full tang stainless steel construction gives this knife a virtually flex-free construction, perfect for cutting through bone and tough skin. With a gut hook tip point, partial serration, and non-slip Ugly Tuff™ grips, this knife is equally at home prepping bait as it is skinning fish.

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Every angler needs a sharp set of snips. That’s why we developed the Marine Shears. The 420 stainless steel blades are durable enough to cut through everything from rope to fins. With non-slip Ugly Tuff™ grips, you’ll have no trouble keeping hold, even when you’re wrist-deep in slimy fish guts. These shears are feature-packed with a measuring scale, fin snip, and scaler, so you can optimize your baits on the go. Store these sharp shears in an air-through sheath for protection from the elements.

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Prepping your catch for the table has never been easier thanks to the Fish Skinner. A triggered reverse grip hand design combined with spring-loaded operation makes skinning tough fish fluid and fast. Textured jaws easily bite into slick skin and non-slip Ugly Tuff™ grips give you control even in wet-and-grimy conditions.

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Quickly and easily remove hooks and bait with our 90° Pliers. The extended length and bent angle of the handle work in tandem to provide optimal leverage and line of site. Ideal for working on deep-seated hooks or in tight spaces, these pliers feature high-carbon steel jaws and our non-slip Ugly Tuff™ grips. Each set of pliers comes with a coiled lanyard that extends up to 36 inches, so you can ensure you’ll always have this clutch piece of gear when and where you need it.

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Save room in your tackle box with the swiss army knife of pliers. These multifunctional pliers feature angler-specific elements like carbide cutters for cleanly snipping nylon and super-lines. With serrated carbon steel jaws and non-slip Ugly Tuff™ grips, you’ll maintain maximum friction and control no matter how slippery the setting. Keep these pliers close-at-hand with a 36” coiled lanyard and belt clip sheath holder.

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