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SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate Braid®

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Break Strength

50lb | 22.6kg, 65lb | 29.4kg

Advertised Length

1500yd | 1371m, 3000yd | 2743m


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The best of SpiderWire performance will be found in Ultracast® because it is the highest quality, best performing series in the SpiderWire brand. Only the best technology and most advanced nylons, fluoropolymers and High Molecular Weight PE fibers qualify for an Ultracast fishing line. Ultimate fishing line, for ultimate performance!


  • Ultra smooth 8 carrier braid
  • Innovative cold-fusion process
  • Low-vis Green
  • Extremely high strength-per-diameter
  • Amazingly thin and sensitive
  • High pick count for roundness and durability

Compare SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate Braid® models

Model Number SU50G-1500 SU65G-1500 SUC65G-3000
Sku 1197329 1197330 1287858
Brand SpiderWire SpiderWire SpiderWire
Break Strength 50lb | 22.6kg 65lb | 29.4kg 65lb | 29.4kg
Advertised Length 1500yd | 1371m 1500yd | 1371m 3000yd | 2743m
Color Low-Vis Green Low-Vis Green Low-Vis Green
Advertised Diameter 0.015in | 0.38mm 0.016in | 0.40mm 0.016in | 0.40mm
Brand SpiderWire SpiderWire SpiderWire
Package Count 1 1 1
Saltwater Freshwater Freshwater Freshwater
Series SpiderWire Ultracast SpiderWire Ultracast SpiderWire Ultracast
Subseries SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate-Braid SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate-Braid SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate-Braid
Superline Mono Equiv 14lb 17lb 17lb
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