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Van Staal Factory Service

The Van Staal Factory Service Program is designed to give fishermen reels that work harder and last longer than any others. A Van Staal reel is unique. No other reel is sealed water-tight to resist the sand, salt and surf. Only a Van Staal can be submerged in saltwater and still perform without having to be immediately opened up and cleaned. Waterproof seals and casings keep oil and grease inside your reel and saltwater out of it. This keeps Van Staal gears properly lubricated and away from the abusive corrosion that can quickly occur in a saltwater environment.

Your reel is made from the finest machined aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. And like any fine machine made of these materials a periodic cleaning and maintenance is important. The harder you use your reel, the more important proper maintenance is to ensure that all parts and mechanisms are clean, lubricated and in good working order. If you submerge or fish your reel in the surf, we recommend you have your Van Staal reel serviced annually. If you are fishing from a dock or boat and not submerging your reel — and are confident that seals and lubrication is still intact — then you do not need this service as often. However, time and weather do eventually dictate that seals and lubrication will need to be changed and a good cleaning is also recommended. Service by a trained Van Staal service and repair specialists will maintain your reels performance and add years to its life.

For $49.95, plus the cost of parts and return shipping, Van Staal factory-trained technicians and engineers are prepared to inspect and service your reel. This service includes opening the sealed body; cleaning, inspecting, lubricating and re-sealing the reel water-tight so it is ready to face the elements without limitations. We recognize that your reel is an investment and we will work with you to protect and ensure maximum performance, while maintaining reasonable cost for you. We find joy in getting your reel ready to go back out, get fished hard, and hook the fish of a lifetime.

To get your reel serviced and maintained, simply call or send the reel, along with a completed Product Return Form , and we will acknowledge its receipt, perform the maintenance, communicate as needed and send it back to you for more fishing. For your convenience we have three Authorized Service Centers to serve you:

Rivers End Tackle 440 Boston Post Rd. Old Saybrook, CT 06475 860-388-2283 [ website ] Half Hitch Tackle 2206 Thomas Drive Panama City, FL 32408 888-668-9810 [ website ] Fisherman's Headquarters 280 West 9th St. Ship Bottom, NJ 08008 609-494-5739 [ website ] Saltwaters Tackle 939 Montauk Hwy West Islip, NY 11795 (631) 539-9422 * Starting April 1, we will no longer return the worn parts that are replaced on serviced products.

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