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Jordan Lee Signature Series

Pro angler Jordan Lee didn’t make it to the top by accident: he worked hard to be the best.

Now, the two-time Bassmaster Classic Champion has his very own line of rods and reels, introducing the JLEE Pro family, an all-inclusive line of rods and reels that gives you the performance and confidence you need to rise to your potential.

Meet the moment with JLEE.

“To me, it was personal coming out with a line of signature rods and signature reels. I can remember going in and buying different guys’ signature rods and how much those rods meant to me. It’s not really me against the other anglers. It’s really you against the fish.”

With 15 technique-specific rod models, four baitcast reels, and two spinning reels, the JLEE Pro line is designed to fish anywhere from the deeps to the docks.

Shop our latest pro-approved rods and reels below.

Jordan Lee Signature Series Rods

No matter how and where you like to fish, there’s a JLEE rod for you. We’ve engineered each of the 15 JLEE casting and spinning rods with tailored technique-specific features to match your fishing style of choice, be it finesse fishing swimbaits or flipping boat docks. Balanced in design, powerful in performance, JLEE’s rods are what bass angler dreams are made of.

  • Winn® split grip design
  • Ergonomic Abu designed reel seat
  • Jordan Lee designed technique specific actions

Abu Garcia Jordan Lee Casting RODS

Length Action Power Technique
6’ 8” Fast Medium
Jerkbait Learn More
6’ 10” Fast Medium Heavy
Topwater, Spinnerbait Learn More
6’ 10” Fast Heavy
Dock Skipping Learn More
7’ Fast Medium Heavy
All Purpose Learn More
7’ 2” Fast Medium Heavy
Swimming Jig (Jig Rod) Learn More
7’ 3” Fast Heavy
Frog Learn More
7’ 4” Fast Medium Heavy
Bladed Jig Learn More
7’ 6” Fast Heavy
Flipping Learn More
7’ 9” Moderate Fast Heavy
Punching Learn More

Abu Garcia Jordan Lee WINCH CASTING RODS

Length Action Power Technique
7’ Moderate Fast Medium
Squarebill Learn More
7’ 6” Moderate Fast Medium
Crankbait Learn More
7’ 10” Moderate Fast Medium Heavy
Big Crankbait Learn More

Abu Garcia Jordan Lee SPINNING RODS

Length Action Power Technique
6’ 10” Fast Medium Light
Super Finesse Learn More
7’ Fast Medium
Shaky Head Learn More

Jordan Lee Signature Series Reels

Light yet solid. Smooth yet strong. JLEE’s line of spinning and baitcast reels pack a ton of performance in a compact, stylish package. Outfit your rod with these pro-level reels for the ultimate in bass-catching performance.

  • MagTrax™ brake system
  • Power Disk™ drag system
  • Large co-molded soft touch knobs


Model Gear Ratio Bearings
JLEE RH 6.4.1 10+1
JLEE LH 6.4.1 10+1
JLEE-HS 7.1.1 10+1
JLEE-HS-L 7.1.1 10+1


Model Gear Ratio Bearings
JLEESP20 6.2.1 6+1
JLEESP30 6.2.1 6+1
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