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Shakespeare Customize-It® Bait



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SKU: 1524110 Model Number: PAINTYOUROWNBAIT


Fishing is more fun than ever before with the Shakespeare® Customize-It!® Baits! Three fish-catching bait shapes are easy for beginner anglers to use and are a blank canvas for kids to personalize. Kids can catch fish with their own unique bait designs!


  • Can be customized with markers and paint pens (not included)
  • Clear baits offer blank canvas for imagination
  • Easy and safe to use for beginner anglers
  • Includes three fish-catching shapes to cover multiple depths
  • Can be used for a variety of species in different water types
  • Be sure to leave the hook covers in place while customizing your bait and only remove when fishing

Shakespeare Customize-It® Bait Specs

Model Number Color Bait Length Package Count Water Type Sku
PAINTYOUROWNBAIT Clear Varied 1 All Water Types 1524110

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