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Graphite Top Choice for Fly Rods

The lightest, most comfortable HMG fly rod ever

Over forty years ago Fenwick® introduced the High Modulus Graphite fishing rod and changed fishing forever. The new Fenwick HMG® Fly Rod reinvents this fishing classic with the lightest, most comfortable HMG fly rod ever.

Of Interest

Early fly anglers, those of the 1800s or so, really did not cast, they simply held a long, heavy rod high and let the wind drift the fly, tied to line made from horse hair, over the favored target. Today anglers can choose from a wide array of lightweight, superior Fenwick HMG rods for hours of casting with and into the wind.

HMG fly rods are designed with a crisp, medium-fast action that generates a high line speed to stabilize the line in the air for effortless, pin-point accurate casts up close and at a distance. These rods are ideal for popping bugs, dry flies, nymphs or streamers, just right for panfish, trout, bass and any other fish a fly angler chooses to pursue.

Six models of the HMG fly rod are offered, from the small-water 7 foot, 6 inch, 3-weight that weighs a mere 3.0 ounces to the 9-foot, 8-weight for heavier applications. Each rod features a large diameter stripper guide and double foot snake guides, a “AAA” grade cork handle, an anodized aluminum double-up lock real seat and a hook eye on the rod butt to stow the fly when the rod is not in use.

For easy and safe transport in a vehicle or plane, the four-piece rod is supplied with a partitioned clothcovered rod tube.

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