Fin-Nor Technology

Lateral Line Performance Lens Technology

Enhance Your Vision. Heighten Your Senses.

Every fish has a lateral line—a system of sensory organs used to detect movement, vibration, and pressure gradients, giving them the ability to find their prey. The all-new Fin-Nor sunglasses were inspired by this technology and designed to give anglers heightened senses on the water.

Any good angler knows that fishing involves all five senses. Our new Lateral Line Performance Lens Technology will enhance your vision so you can better see what's happening beneath the surface, but it doesn't stop there. The clearer your eyesight, the more you can focus on your other senses, such as feeling the slight tug of a first bite or hearing the splash of a nearby fish.

Get the ultimate sensory experience with Fin-Nor sunglasses engineered with Lateral Line Performance Lens Technology.

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What Makes Fin-Nor Lenses Different?

Our engineers were tasked with one job: to create a lens unlike any other, designed with anglers in mind. What we created was our 7-layer lenses that are carefully crafted to provide ultimate performance in a durable package ready for on-the-water action.


    Prevents scratches, smudges, fingerprints, dust and water on the surface.


    Precision optical grade, distortion free.


    100% against UVB and UVA.


    For mirror lenses only.




    Precision optical grade, distortion free.


    Blocks 99.7% of reflections.


    Prevents scratches, smudges, fingerprints, dust and water on the surface.

Smiling angler wearing Fin-Nor sunglasses

Wear the Best so you can Fish the Best

When you put on a pair of Fin-Nor sunglasses, you're putting on the best in modern lens technology. Optimize your vision so you can bring your A-game to the water with these key features.

  • Glare

  • Haze

  • Spray

  • Blue Light

  • Fatigue

  • Oil

  • Backside

Engineered for the Elements

Let's be honest—the ocean can be rough on gear. Keeping your lenses smudge and scratch free when battling against salt spray and sand is no easy feat. Which is why we've designed Fin-Nor sunglasses with enhanced abrasion resistance and hydrophobic coatings. With technology designed to withstand the elements anglers face every day, Fin-Nor sunglasses are the durable, scratch-free solution you need for all day fishing.

Precision Optics

Fin-Nor sunglasses don't just feel great; they work great too. When searching for signs of underwater monsters, you need clear vision to give you a realistic view of what's happening beneath the surface. Our distortion-free lenses enhance sight without distorting vision, making it easier for your brain to quickly identify and process what is happening on and beneath the water. In addition, our lenses decrease blue light transmission, keeping your sight clear even when facing fog, haze, or the glaring sun.

Tools for Anglers,
Frames Designed to Work for You

Fin-Nor lenses are designed to be the best in the world so our frames need to follow suit. Every frame has been custom-designed and built for all day comfort and long-term durability. Many frames also boast industry-leading features including low-profile, integrated spring hinges, integrated side shields and adjustable nose pads. But every frame was built to keep you fishing comfortably all day long.

  • High-performance, bio-based grilamid (plastic frames)
  • EN 1811 conforming, corrosion-resistant alloy (metal frames)
  • Low-profile, integrated spring hinges (select frames)


Fin-Nor sunglasses are designed for serious anglers. We know you're on the water from sunrise to sunset and you need comfort for the long haul. We've worked to reduce the weight of the frame and utilize strategic material placement to provide flexibility where it's needed most. This significantly decreases fatigue and increases comfort, no matter the conditions. In addition, our frames are designed to accommodate a wider range of face shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

Optimized Performance

Ultimately, our frames are designed to allow our lenses to do their job. With an innovative venting system to increase air circulation, our frames keep fog and sweat from getting in the way. Most Fin-Nor frames also include a built-in top shield and side shields that eliminate unwanted light and help you see clearly. Our minimalist frame design keeps excess material out of your field of vision, so you can search the water for signs of that perfect casting spot.

Glass or Plastic?

The lens material you choose should be decided based on what you want out of your shades. Glass delivers ultimate optical clarity and best-in-class scratch resistance while plastic lenses offer a lighter weight alternative.

At Fin-Nor, we have gone to great lengths to optimize each material, getting the most out of each. So no matter which you choose, you can be confident it has the best technology and engineering of any lens on the planet.


Glass Lens

  • Best scratch resistance
  • Ultimate clarity
  • Premium optical lenses
  • Encapsulated mirror coating


Plastic Lens

  • More impact resistant
  • Injected polycarbonate
  • Lighter weight than glass