Berkley Gulp!® Trout Dough


The extreme scent dispersion of Gulp! expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish! Berkley Gulp! truly is the next generation in soft bait!.

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Bait Scent/Flavor



  • Fortified with Gulp! flavor bits
  • Natural live bait taste
  • Floating formula floats hook in the visible strike zone

Average Customer Ratings

Compare Berkley Gulp!® Trout Dough models

Model Number Color Bait Scent/Flavor Package Count Net Weight Water Type Sku
GDTB2-AP American Pie Gulp!® 1 0.095 Freshwater 1130663
GDTB2-CCHR Chunky Chartreuse Gulp!® 1 0.093 Freshwater 1130664
GDTB2-ORP Orange Pulp Gulp!® 1 0.095 Freshwater 1130665
GDTB2-MMC Marshmallow Cluster Gulp!® 1 0.094 Freshwater 1130666
GDTB2-RCA Rainbow Candy Gulp!® 1 0.100 Freshwater 1130667
GDTB2-SBB Sherbet Burst Gulp!® 1 0.094 Freshwater 1130668
GDTB2-CCHE Chunky Cheese Gulp!® 1 0.096 Freshwater 1130769
GDTS2-CCHE Chunky Cheese Gulp!® with Salmon Egg 1 0.093 Freshwater 1203138
GDTS2-RCA Rainbow Candy Gulp!® with Salmon Egg 1 0.093 Freshwater 1203179
GDTG2-CCHR Chunky Chartreuse Gulp!® with Garlic 1 0.093 Freshwater 1203180
GDTG2-CCHE Chunky Cheese Gulp!® with Garlic 1 0.093 Freshwater 1203181
GDTG2-RCA Rainbow Candy Gulp!® with Garlic 1 0.098 Freshwater 1203182
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