Royal Warrant

The Royal Warrant is a recognition of personal service of a high order

Royal Warrants are part of an ancient tradition which recognises exceptional services by suppliers of high quality goods and services to royalty. Several European monarchies grant warrants, including the royal families of Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Luxembourg, but other royal families have granted warrants in the past.

Over its long history, Hardy has held seven Royal Warrants, including four to supply fishing tackle to members of the British Royal family. Today, only the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles may grant warrants, and these are only awarded after a tradesman or company has provided services for a period of at least five years—at present there are about 800 Royal Warrant holders. The granting of warrants is carefully supervised by a committee of the royal household, which is chaired by the Lord Chamberlain, and if the application for a warrant is approved, it is signed by the grantor, making the recognition very personal. The current warrant is held on behalf of Prince Charles and it allows Hardy & Greys Ltd. to display the coat of arms of the Prince below the words, “By Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales, manufacturers of fishing tackle”. It is the ultimate seal of approval.

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