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Berkley PowerBait® Paddlin' PowerStinger


Bait Length

3.5in, 4.25in

Package Count

5, 7


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Featuring patent pending Honey Comb technology the PowerBait® Paddlin' PowerStinger showcases durability in a boot tail style swimbait without sacrificing action. Designed with both profile and action in mind, the Paddlin' Powerstinger is best used as a bladed jig trailer or threaded onto a swimbait jig head.

Prop 65

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Patent pending Honey Comb technology increases durability without sacrificing action
  • Thick baitfish profile
  • Back and Belly slots for accommodating a variety of rigging styles
  • Infused with PowerBait® flavor
  • Available in standard and HD Tru colors to match any hatch or application.

Compare Berkley PowerBait® Paddlin' PowerStinger models

Model Number Color Bait Length Bait Scent/Flavor Package Count Water Type Sku
PBPDPS3.5-BBF Black Blue Fleck 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591649
PBPDPS3.5-ELS Electric Shad 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591650
PBPDPS3.5-GHRCR Ghost Red Craw 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591651
PBPDPS3.5-GP Green Pumpkin 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591652
PBPDPS3.5-GPPW Green Pumpkin Pearl White 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591653
PBPDPS3.5-HDBLG HD Bluegill 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591654
PBPDPS3.5-HDGZS HD Gizzard Shad 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591655
PBPDPS3.5-HDSTM HD Stealth Minnow 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591656
PBPDPS3.5-HDYLP HD Yellow Perch 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591657
PBPDPS3.5-OCC Okeechobee Craw 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591658
PBPDPS3.5-PW Pearl White 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591659
PBPDPS3.5-SIFL Sight Flash 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591660
PBPDPS3.5-SNG Sun Gill 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591661
PBPDPS3.5-SWG Swamp Gas 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591662
PBPDPS3.5-TNS Tennessee Shad 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591663
PBPDPS3.5-WCOR Watermelon Copper/Orange w/Red 3.5in PowerBait® 7 Freshwater 1591664
PBPDPS4.25-BBF Black Blue Fleck 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591665
PBPDPS4.25-ELS Electric Shad 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591666
PBPDPS4.25-GHRCR Ghost Red Craw 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591667
PBPDPS4.25-GP Green Pumpkin 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591668
PBPDPS4.25-GPPW Green Pumpkin Pearl White 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591669
PBPDPS4.25-HDBLG HD Bluegill 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591670
PBPDPS4.25-HDGZS HD Gizzard Shad 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591671
PBPDPS4.25-HDSTM HD Stealth Minnow 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591672
PBPDPS4.25-HDYLP HD Yellow Perch 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591673
PBPDPS4.25-OCC Okeechobee Craw 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591674
PBPDPS4.25-PW Pearl White 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591675
PBPDPS4.25-SIFL Sight Flash 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591676
PBPDPS4.25-SNG Sun Gill 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591677
PBPDPS4.25-SWG Swamp Gas 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591678
PBPDPS4.25-TNS Tennessee Shad 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591679
PBPDPS4.25-WCOR Watermelon Copper/Orange w/Red 4.25in PowerBait® 5 Freshwater 1591680
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