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Bobby Lane: Chartreuse Tips

"I've always believed that dipping the very tip of my soft plastic bait in chartreuse dye has given me a little bit of an edge over my competition. When I'm flipping a soft plastic like a green pumpkin Berkley HAVOC Craw Fatty or Berkley PowerBait Chigger Craw, I like to dip about 1/8" of the pinchers in chartreuse just to offset the solid color and give the bait a more natural look. Just about every small baitfish that you see swimming around has some hue of chartreuse in the tail, fins, or gill plate.

"I also like to dye the tip of my baits chartreuse when I'm fishing in low light conditions like early morning, because I feel like the bass can see the bait just a little bit better when they get a flash of color. While I mainly do it with soft plastics, there are times when I'll even dye the tails on my frog, topwater, or crankbait."

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