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Bobby Lane: Know your Knots

"When I'm fishing with Spiderwire braid, there are two main knots that I use depending on the cover that I'm fishing: the Snell knot and the double Palomar knot.

"I always use the Snell knot when I'm flipping any type of matted vegetation like hydrilla or milfoil. In grass, bass usually hit the bait aggressively and then quickly swim either towards the boat or to the side. Nine times out of 10, I don't get a solid hook in the fish until I catch up to it with my reel. The Snell knot will actually force the bait out of the bass' mouth and rotate the hook to the roof of the bass' mouth with very little pressure.

"When I'm fishing bushes or wood cover, I like to use a double Palomar knot. In most instances, a bass in a bush isn't going to swim very far after it bites, and I like to pause a moment before setting the hook. The double Palomar knot is one of the best all around knots and gives me the best hookup percentage when I am able to use a strong, direct hookset."

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