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Fletcher Shryock: See the Strike

See the Strike"Topwater fishing isn't the only time that I rely on sight to detect a bite. While I often feel a distinctive 'tap' when I get a bite fishing with soft plastics or a jig, there are other times when I know I'm getting a bite just by seeing my line jump or begin to move off unnaturally to the side.

"Especially on days when the action is slow, a lot of anglers lose focus and don't take the time to carefully watch their line, and that results in missing subtle bites and catching fewer fish. If I'm fishing cover where my line blends into the natural surroundings above the water making it tough to see, I'll use Spiderwire Stealth Glo-Vis braid to make sure that I see every bite. Above all, I make sure that I concentrate on each and every cast so that I can detect the slightest movement in my line and set the hook immediately."

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