Stren Edu Products

  • Catfish Mono

    No Nonsense fishing line designed for results. Stren Catfish Mono is tough, dependable, and durable. This is a line you don't have to pamper, even under typical catfishing conditions where rocks and other obstructions provide competition.

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  • 100% Fluoro

    The Dependable Fluorocarbon. The world's first Clear/Blue Fluorescent fluorocarbon - Stren's signature color! Stren 100% Fluoro provides dependability and strength in a super-tough, abrasion resistant fluorocarbon that fluoresces above water, yet is virtually invisible under water.

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  • Powerknot

    Tie with confidence. Power Knot handles great and can hold virtually any knot. This line allows for less-than-perfect knots to hold strong and great knots to perform even better. Use basic or complicated knots without worry because this line doesn’t require a lot of fuss.

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  • Magnathin

    Amazingly thin, astonihingly strong. Natural lure action and low visibility are two features that position Stren MagnaThin as a top choice for clear water or line-wary gamefish, yet the defining feature of this remarkable line is its exceptional strength-to-diameter ratio.

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  • High Impact

    Extreme shock resistance for hard-hitting species. Extremely durable and well suited to every saltwater pursuit from bay and coastal fishing to blue water.

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  • Fluorocast

    The smooth casting fluorocarbon. Don't be fooled by "fluorocarbon coated" imitations, FluoroCast is a true fluorocarbon that casts like a nylon monofilament.

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  • Crappie Mono

    Designed with purpose. Stren Crappie Mono is thin, dependable, and sensitive. This is a line that is strong enough to be fished around thick brush piles, yet so thin it virtually disappears under water.

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  • Stren Original

    Stren Original fishing line is the all-around, time-tested, dependable line that anglers have trusted for generations.

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  • Stren Braid

    Stren's braided superline gives fresh and saltwater anglers the upper hand in any situation where diameter, sensitivity, and strength are on the line.

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  • Stren Original

    Southwest Outdoors Report host Barry Stokes talks about the advantages of Stren Original at ICast 2013.

  • Stren TV Commercial

    Southwest Outdoors Report Host Barry Stokes in the 2013 Stren TV Commercial.

  • Stren 100% Fluoro

    Southwest Outdoors Report Host Barry Stokes discusses the advantages of Stren 100% Fluoro.

  • Stren Bloodknot Tip

    Barry Stokes from Southwest Outdoors explains the benefits of using a combination of Stren fluorocarbon and braided line.

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