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Van Staal Pro Team

Whether facing the wind-blown rocky shores of the North Atlantic, the warm diverse waters of the Florida Keys, or the most challenging
fishing spots the world has to offer, season after season and fish after fish, the Van Staal Pro Team is unstoppable.

William "Doc" Muller
"Doc" Muller's contribution to the fishing community is long and storied. With a Ph.d. in Marine Microbial Ecology, Doc spends most of his time surf fishing and educating anglers. Doc has authored thousands of fishing articles for magazines around the country. Doc is at home fishing the back bays of the North Shore of Long Island as well as the sand beaches of the South Shore. Doc has been an invaluable Part of the VS Pro Team since 2001.

John Bruno
John Bruno is a "wet suiter" of the first order. He can be found prowling the rocky shoreline of Montauk, NY, where there is no perch too far or surf to rough to keep him from his goal. John's ability to find the big fish makes him one of our toughest surf casters along the coast. Van Staal is proud to welcome John to the Van Staal Pro Team.

"Iron Mike" Everin
"Iron Mike" Everin's legendary status along the rocky shoreline of Rhode Island was built from decades of scoring huge striped bass from the surf. Known for his talent of fishing large needle fish along the rocky coast, Mike has numerous fish in the 60lbs range. Mike is quick to help anglers in their pursuit to catch trophy striped bass and has been an invaluable member of the VS Pro Team since 2001.

William Jakob
William Jakob has been fishing the waters around Montauk since before he could even spell the name. Bill is usually found thrashing his Van Staal reels at his favorite points on the "North Side" where hundreds of hours of submersion put them to the ultimate test. Bill has been a invaluable part of the VS Pro Team since 2001.

Gary "Toad" Stephens
"Toad" is an icon on the beaches of Montauk and if there's fish on the beach Toad won

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