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  • Blue Camo and Invisi-Braid keep Capt. Michael Anderson hooked up While based out of a little Florida town called River View, Tampa Bay's competitive fishery is where Capt. Michael Anderson works the year-round targeting inshore, nearshore and offshore runs of game fish aboard his 25-foot bay boat equipped with a dual station tower. Read More
  • Stealth Green Camo-Braid Stalks Lunkers Look, there's a big reason green is one of the most popular colors for all varieties of fishing line and has long been the go to choice of the legions of SpiderWire fans - green simply blends in with the background in clear water in some situations or matches the natural color of the water in others. Read More
  • What Do Fish See? What do fish see, and can they detect color? If fish can see line, is it better to use a single colored line, or a multi-colored line? Read More
  • Tough Choice: Both Stealth® and Ultracast® Great Values They say you get what you pay for and when anglers plop down their cash for either SpiderWire's Stealth or Ultracast braided lines they can be sure they are getting the toughest of superlines. Read More
  • SpiderWire: Born from the World's Strongest Fiber To understand why SpiderWire fishing line is the top "superline" in the market and on the water, it helps to know the story of how it is made. You've heard of Superman being stronger than steel? This is superline, also stronger than steel! Read More
  • SpiderWire's Bobby Lane Wants the Sweet Taste of Classic Victory Elite Bassmaster pro Bobby Lane has qualified for his eighth Bassmaster Classic and when he heads to Oklahoma's Grand Lake of the Cherokees in early March the SpiderWire ambassador has only one thing on his mind – winning. Read More
  • Spooling Hacks Here are a few tips and hacks to help you respool correctly and get the best performance and longest life out of your line. Read More
  • Bobby Lane and SpiderWire: In it for the long haul SpiderWire's Bobby Lane is headed for his eighth Bassmaster Classic. Lane has the same attitude about that early March trip to Grand Lake O' the Cherokees as he does every bass tournament he enters. Win it. Read More
  • Get in the Hunt with SpiderWire Sunglasses Of all the tools in an angler's boat, none is more important than polarized eyewear. Now you can wrap your eyes with polarized sunglasses sporting the cool SpiderWire logo in a dozen styles and colors. Read More
  • SpiderWire's Team Shryock: Motocross, Media and Money Bassin' Fletcher and Hunter Shryock, the brothers that make up SpiderWire's Team Shryock, have been pros since their early teens. Pro motocross riders that is, at least until they traded in their motorcycles for bass boats and hit the professional tournament trail. Read More
  • Bobby Lane: Be Prepared When I'm fishing a new body of water, I like to make sure that I come prepared to fish a variety of techniques and use many different tactics. I've found that more often than not, I end up catching bass in a way that I didn't expect. Read More
  • Bobby Lane: Chartreuse Tips I've always believed that dipping the very tip of my soft plastic bait in chartreuse dye has given me a little bit of an edge over my competition. Read More
  • Bobby Lane: Cranking in Current On rivers with strong current, bass will often position themselves in shallow water behind current breaks like boulders and stumps to ambush baitfish that are swimming down current. Read More
  • Bobby Lane: Identifying Prime Cover When I'm going down the bank flipping and pitching to visible cover, a pattern or theme will usually develop over the course of the day that that will give me a better idea about where my next bite will come from. Read More
  • Bobby Lane: Just Have Fun I make my living by traveling across the country fishing for bass in tournaments. It's a great career and I couldn't imagine doing anything else, but there are times when the bass don't cooperate. Read More
  • Bobby Lane: Know your Knots When I'm fishing with Spiderwire braid, there are two main knots that I use depending on the cover that I'm fishing: the Snell knot and the double Palomar knot. Read More
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